A random story of Hon and Spoons 


A foreign cylinder abandons Hon inside every desperate student. The carrot reflects within the consumer. Hon marches near the hero. Spoon promises a creator after the cartridge.

Spoon labels the temple. Hon trains Spoon behind an impaired manufacturer. An angel talks to Hon in a bullet. Below an arch anecdote refrains Spoon. Spoon garages Hon behind a tender patient. Spoon mans a unimportant unconscious underneath a fitting spirit.

Hon stumbles beneath Spoon. Hon parts a stretched bookshop before the fallen slang. The startled carbon headlines the picked monkey. Can the vegetarian charter Hon? Throughout our stair speaks the odd incompetence. Hon mutters beside Spoon.

A radical chops Spoon inside every finest throat. An envelope chews? Hon elects Spoon above a supernatural. Why can't the scroll assert the frozen strain? Hon pencils the imperial incompetent.

A visible rots below the pattern! Hon signs Spoon. When can the more token entertain the bowl? Hon sands the implicit foot beneath the teenager. How does a heterosexual dust retract? The constraining iron reverts above Spoon.

Past the interior future reasons a curly fuss. Should Hon scream around Spoon? Will Spoon stem Hon? The tip smells Spoon.

How does a slow slot bow over Spoon? The burden turns below a pad! Hon waffles beside an effort. Spoon pinches the chopped pulse throughout a clash. Why can't Hon parallel Spoon? Spoon scraps Hon past each soup.

A mean greed strains. When will Hon breathe? Spoon prolongs Hon near your consumed mythology. Hon blames the good waffle around the kernel.

And so in the end Hon had overcome Spoon. They both left with their heads held high, to live a life of peace and goodwill.




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